I am 2 1/2.... Can You Believe It?!?

Our sweet little girl is growing up so incredibly fast it is blowing us away. She is bright, funny, sassy, a little bossy [a trait she might have gotten from me], beautiful, articulate, and full of life. Yesterday was February 28th... yes, MacKenzie's half birthday. Her daddy woke her up and let her know that we would be celebrating. So we had cupcakes and sang happy birthday after dinner.

One of my favorite things about Mackenzie is that she is determined... and when she and I were trying to master holding up 2 fingers at one time... she couldn't make it work, so she figured out that if she held up 1 finger on each hand that was 2... brilliant [I know silly, but I love my little girl].

Happy half Birthday MacKenzie Grace!

MacKenzie Ballerina...

This January our little girl put on her first pair of pink ballet shoes and LOVES it. She goes to ballet class every Monday morning in her black leotard and pink tights, and can hardly wait to see her teacher Miss. Jackie. I must say as a mother of a 2 1/2 year old, her teacher is amazing getting all 10 little ones to pay attention, dance, and learn true ballet moves. If you are ever in town, this is perhaps the cutest 45 minutes you will ever see. Did I mention she is all fired up about her first ballet performance this June !?! We will see if she actually makes it out on stage, but it should be amazing regardless. MacKenzie already refers to herself as a ballerina.

Christmas Tree at Fashion Island

We hit Fashion Island at Christmas when Grandma J got into town to take a peek at one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. It was a fun and rainy night. We even tried to visit Santa, but MacKenzie would NOT have it... she did not like being up close and personal with Santa... so we opted later in the week to mail him a letter :)

We Had A Very Merry....

Christmas time was so special this year... as we experienced it fully through the eyes of the 2 year old.

Christmas Morning was relaxing and full of surprises for our little princess. Some of her favorite gifts this year included a Cindarella Costume and accessories, a pretend ironing board and iron, the Disney princess book collection, her very own suitcase, movies, and so much more. Spoiled?!? maybe just a little bit. But Christmas this year was truly about being together and celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Christmas Eve and Day were so fun spending them with MacKenzie's grandmas. We decorated [or ate in Kenzie's case] cookies. It was so much fun and we carried on a Motichko Family tradition, as Craig's family made these special sugar cookies every year when he was growing up. Not only were the cookies beautiful, they were DELICIOUS!

Fell Behind in Fall of 2010

Okay... so it is March 1st and we are a bit delayed in posting the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

This Fall was very full for our family, we had alot of fun in October going to Disneyland with our dear friend Kelli Smith [before she left for Spain], visiting the pumpkin patch with our good friends the Khamis' and Blakey's, carving MacKenzie's first pumpkin at the Coltman's, trick or treating on Balboa island at Auntie Lauri Root's with Lainey and Grayson. There was alot more... but here are a few snapshots that capture the month.

Can you handle how cute our Princess Jasmine is!??

Motichkos Hit The Road

Summer was a complete whirlwind for our little family of 3. We spend our days and nights volunteering, working, hanging with friends, volunteering some more, working alot of crazy hours [craig], playing, laughing, growing, and just plain old being too busy. We decided that we would attempt to head into the fall a bit less crazy, so that meant a family roadtrip up the incredible coast of california to relax and reconnect.

It was such a lovely week, really... it was lovely. The weather was beautiful! We drove up the Coast stopping in Santa Barbara and Los Olivos for lunch and then made our way to Cambria for a fun overnight at El Colibri Hotel and Spa. Upon arriving in Cambria we ran on the beach, put our toes in the Pacific, and then took a long walk [much to Craig's chagrin]through town to a wonderful dinner spot Robins [thanks Jenn Halliburton for the recommendation].

The next day we loaded up and headed to Hearst Castle, where MacKenzie hunted for princesses while Mommy and Daddy listened to the tour guide... well kind of... let's just say Hearst Castle isn't the most toddler friendly tour spot. Anyhow then we drove along the gorgeous coastline and stopped for a late lunch at Nepenthe. This is one of our all time favorite eateries...not only for the food, but for the breathtaking views. We lingered there for awhile, as it is just South of Big Sur so you can imagine how pretty it is. Then we headed north to Carmel and Monterey for the night.

Monterey was great, even though the fog decided to roll in and stay for quite awhile. We stayed at a great hotel, had dinner in front of a fire pit overlooking what we could see of the Monterey Bay. Regardless it was a great night! The next morning we hit Starbucks and then off to the Aquarium to look for Nemo. We had a blast! After the Aquarium we headed north to Half Moon Bay and a pumpkin patch to pick out some fun funky pumpkins for our Fall decor. Later that night we cruised into San Francisco. Craig was excited to watch his OSU Cowboys win a big game, so Kenzie and I set out all bundled up to Chestnut Street to pick up some groceries and treats. I love the city life!

Friday we relaxed in the city. Hit a hip coffee shop that Craig really wanted to check out and introduced Kenzie to hot chocolate for the first time [she loved it]. Then we just spent the day truly relaxing, napping, and grabbing lunch from our favorite italian deli in San Francisco. Later that afternoon Ash, Garrett and the girls [and Koda too] met us in the city... we went out for a fun dinner, ate cupcakes on Chestnut Street, and then the girls went to bed in their matching jammies. Ashley and I got a much needed "sisters night out" while the boys sat home and watched football [which they loved].

Saturday we hit Baker Beach, shopped, hung out, played at the beach, and then played tourists and went to Pier 39 and Fishermans Wharf. The girls loved it! Riding the carousel, eating sundaes and Ghiradelli, and watching all of the crazy people.

Sunday we were back to just the 3 of us as The Patricios had to head back to Fresno. We decided to take MacKenzie down Mommy's memory lane. We went to Fairyland in Oakland... it is an adorable theme park built in the 50s that is all about the classic fairytales. I went there when I was little, and not much has changed to say the least... but it is still awesome for a little one. After that we ended our day walking around the city and dining at a yummy new spot called Delarosa.

Monday we headed South again to get back to reality. We were able to breath deep and thank God for a great time together. It was a great roadtrip!