I am 2 1/2.... Can You Believe It?!?

Our sweet little girl is growing up so incredibly fast it is blowing us away. She is bright, funny, sassy, a little bossy [a trait she might have gotten from me], beautiful, articulate, and full of life. Yesterday was February 28th... yes, MacKenzie's half birthday. Her daddy woke her up and let her know that we would be celebrating. So we had cupcakes and sang happy birthday after dinner.

One of my favorite things about Mackenzie is that she is determined... and when she and I were trying to master holding up 2 fingers at one time... she couldn't make it work, so she figured out that if she held up 1 finger on each hand that was 2... brilliant [I know silly, but I love my little girl].

Happy half Birthday MacKenzie Grace!


Anonymous said...

Peyton is loving these and so am I :) Jen